David Sutera

David Sutera

Co-Owner / General Manager


About Coach

Sports have always been a huge factor in my life. Playing soccer almost my entire life, I've felt that the lessons I learned playing sports translated greatly into how I've approached my professional life. Helping others be successful has always been at the root of my core values. Whether it has been on the soccer field at various levels or in leadership positions in my professional life, I've always strived to support my team to ensure we achieve our goals. I couldn't be more excited to transition that mindset into the Tolland CrossFit community with DJ Harris and all our athletes!

Turning Point

After years of focusing on my fitness as an individual and dealing with an injury that resulted in me having to have surgery, I took a chance when I walked into the doors of Tolland CrossFit. Beyond training for soccer and long-distance running most of the movements were foreign to me. It was like I was learning a new sport all over again at the age of 37. Little did I know that while I came to TCF to work out and challenge myself, I would find a group of people that encouraged, supported, and motivated one another. I've been hooked ever since! I am so excited to be in a position to take a larger part of the community and help others feel the same way I feel about the sport, the community, and the experience at Tolland CrossFit.

Motivation & Passion

I've always been motivated by helping others reach their goals.

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